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Finding Home.

Having moved almost every year during my first 16 years as an Army brat, I know exactly what it means to come home. In total I’ve lived in 17 states and eleven years outside the country in Japan and Saudi Arabia.

As an adult, with no real roots, I was free to choose where my home would be. Portland was love at first sight, and that feeling has only grown in the last 19 years. To finally find my home city, and the homes I’ve owned within it, has been a life shaping experience, one that I keep in mind with every client.

I’d like to help you find your home or assist your life change in the city I’ve come to love and know so intimately. I’ve found the hidden treasures within Portland’s bounty of architectural styles fascinating. Older homes are abundant in concentration of those details. Even remodeling can’t hide that hidden closet or a curious laundry chute, or what’s left of original personality. Flowing ranches, cozy bungalows and Grand Portland Craftsmen are a real testament to workmanship. These things keep vintage homes alive and sought after.

Portland has it’s share of vintage modern homes, as well, with Rummers concentrated in several neighborhoods. Based on the Eichler’s of California, these 1960’s homes feel contemporary to this day, with lots of glazing, atriums, a combination of flat and pitched roofs and open floor plans. Several areas of town have an abundance of ranch homes that lend themselves to traditional or mid-century décor.

On another end of the spectrum, many newer homes are ready to move into with green building practices already part of their making. Energy saving features such as hot water on demand, heat pumps, and extensive wall and window insulation, are common in this category. The health of the planet and the health of the homes interiors are addressed through superior air circulation systems, and building with low VOC and sustainable materials. Earth Advantage certified homes save up to 15% more than other new construction in energy costs.

What do I offer you as Portland Realtor I think you’ll find valuable and exceptional? Click on Buy A Home, or Sell A Home and I’ll tell you more about the ways I’ll work hard for you.