Rummer Architecture | Sold in 2014 | Courtesy of Heidi Swift

Rummer Architecture | Sold in 2014 | Courtesy of Heidi Swift

Those who love Mid-Century architecture do so rabidly. And while gazing at a well designed home or building of this era does not literally induce foaming at the mouth, it's true that when one strikes my fancy, my heart beats a bit faster.

A deep eave, a stunning indoor-outdoor connection, a cantilevered fireplace, clerestory window, or the soaring ceiling of post and beam construction only intensify the emotion. There is a certain feeling of peace that living in this era of home evokes, which I am thankful to experience every day in the house that I share with my husband. 

While many people, including Realtors, share in the appreciation and sensibilities of marketing a property from this era, it does take a practiced eye to look past what may be an unfortunate remodel or layers of shag carpeting to see the good bones remaining. And preparing such a property and marketing it to bring out its best, and the best return, takes a delicate and knowledgeable touch. I hope to partner with you with your Mid-Century needs. You will find me a fellow devotee with the skill to bring home the best results.

A Sample of My Past Mid-Century Listings

What my clients say...

Kathryn is very skilled at envisioning a property at its best and helping coordinate the process of dialing it in so everything looks dynamite on listing date. We had a challenging house to sell.  It was a 50's ranch that was very well maintained and in a nice neighborhood but it had some quirks so we knew it would require a different buyer than your average couple or family.  Through the process, she advised us very well on what updates we could make that would provide the most positive impact on prospective buyers. Her advice paid off...we sold the house 2 days after listing!  -Lindsey Thomas