Algue on Our Walls!


It all began with two boxes of Vitra Algue, bought at a garage sale.  Feeling adventurous after our wall mural, we bought the Algue, not knowing exactly what we would do with it, we decided to build a "sculpture" of sorts on a large empty wall that we lacked the perfect thing for. Our vision for the home is mid-century, but also playful and original.

We built the majority of it on the floor, and then with the help of several of my son's "volunteer" friends, we held it up while J drilled in directly into the wall through several of the Algue's holes. Once up, we added more as our artistic spirits took us. All in all, we estimate there are 100 pieces here. We can take it apart, and re-design or re-use as we're inclined.

I'd love to see how you have used Algue, and post it here on the blog.