An Act of Protest

Tim (left) & Jerry

Business often takes my up on Skyline, a beautiful drive once I pass Cornell and can enjoy the valley views and notice how the trees are changing with the seasons. I always notice the little fruit stand on the corner of Skyline and Cornell across from Skyline Restaurant, but I'm often feeling too rushed to stop. Determined this summer to eat my share of all the wonderful fruit and berries available, at last I applied the brakes here to check out the offerings. Always one to look for amusement during my day, I had to remark to the owners of the stand, Tim and Jerry, on their bold ensembles. They explained that, tired of seeing potential customers pass by, chatting on their cellphones or off in another world- they decided that by god they weren't going to take being invisible anymore without a fight. Hence, some of the best food stand clothes you'll see anywhere in Portland. And how can you miss them now? Stop by and check out the fruit, flowers and honey- all seasonal and local.