Back to Dining Basics

Could I just be a little relieved that the seemingly endless stream of restaurant openings in Portland has slowed? We are so lucky that we have such a high standard of local food served here, and there are plenty of wonderful dining spots that one can visit time and time again having had a perfectly good experience with both food and service.

The Heathman restaurant is one of those places. J and I went there for our Valentines Brunch. It felt rather like our honeymoon in New Orleans having an occasion with a bottle of wine mid-day. They completely satisfied with the classic dish of sole almondine. the sole was sauteed, perfectly sweet and fresh, served with fingerling potatoes, dense and earthy. The bottom of the dish held a clear pool of browned butter that gave it's silky succulence to every bite. The perfect amount of lemon juice and fresh grapefruit slices added the needed brightness to this fabulous dish. 

Having gone back to the basics, I have to say I'm also excited about a new restaurant, the opening of Ping at NW 3rd and Couch, by the same owner of the yummy Pok Pok which totally rocked the Thai food scene when it opened several years ago. Ping is located in the old Hung Far Low building in Chinatown.