Bedford Brown Fieldtrip

bedfordbrown4 About a year ago, I was struggling to find the right gift for a client. Flowers were nice, but didn’t last very long. Gift cards were too impersonal, unless I was privy to some inside information about a favorite restaurant or shop.

Luckily, I recalled an earlier trip to Bedford Brown. My first purchase was an exquisite white orchid in the pot of my choice (and there are many to choose from). I had honestly never seen a grander orchid, the boxed presentation of the plant was beautiful and my client was thrilled that it was still going strong several months later.

Located in NW Portland, the 12,000 square foot showroom features unique furnishings, gifts, accessories, art and garden objects. And their selection of large-scale indoor plants is truly spectacular. As you wander through, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how intimate each elegantly designed space feels. The staff members are incredibly helpful, friendly and will make you feel at home. It's clear how they have made a go of this business for 15 years.

Stop by, and if you haven’t been to their neighbor, School House Electric, drop by and explore. They have a nifty espresso bar, and they don’t seem to mind if one browses through the space cup in hand.

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