Calistoga Holiday

My fourth trip to Indian Springs in Calistoga and I still fool myself beforehand with self talk like "You're not compelled in eat more than one really nice meal out a day" or "We'll find a yoga studio and go there every morning!"  But really, who can resist eating in an area that has more Michelin stars than anywhere in the United States? As my daughter would say, I folded like a paper napkin. Case in point, this photo was taken after a fabulous tapas lunch at Zuzu's in Napa. Afterwards we went to Oxbow Market which holds a myriad of vendors, including the Fatted Calf Charcuterie which made the chorizo in one of our lunch dishes. One of the butchers, a quite hardy fellow, tempted us with ribs fresh out of their smoker. So I had one for desert.

So of course, many courses were enjoyed. It really is world class cuisine dining and service. You'll notice if you check out the pictures, that there is one of the French Laundry. Much like a starry eyed tourist with a star map of Hollywood homes, I hunted the restaurant down just to take a picture. Photos of my food addiction.