Cookbook Classic: Barbie, Easy as Pie.

easy-as-pie-barbie Well, maybe not a classic, but a great addition to our campy vintage cookbook collection. As avid cooks, and owners of about 300 cookbooks, we picked up a fun vintage Chinese cookbook in San Francisco one year which turned out to be the start of a small collection of just-for-fun cookbooks. This includes the original Betty Crocker cookbook which I made my first fudge and doughnuts from (would I be crazy enough to make a roast at 16?)  a Campbells Soup cookbook, a Boy Scout cooking manual suitable for earning a badge, and anything else that makes us smile.

This latest addition was found at Powells, which actually has a small vintage section. Published in 1964, our latest find follows Barbie and her adventures in the kitchen, as you can see from this charming illustration by Clyde Smith. Don't you just love that he could portray mom's leg as disapproving? Complete with recipes, and who cares if we ever use them? Probably, friends will thank us if we don't.