Cookie Party 2011

While a little late, I really feel I need to share the outcome of the "cookie party" I have hosted at the Parry Center, now for the fifth year. Many of you donated to the sock, underwear and pajama drive that accompanied my visit. This year, was a banner year of donations- over $700 of soft, fuzzy flannels and Hello Kitty cuteness collected from clients, friends, family and my Windermere office. The Parry Center was overjoyed to have them for the kids.

My two daughters, Lauren and Erin, with room mate Sheila, hosted close to 50 children in two groups divided by age that went  from about 5 to 16. Each child had seven cookies to decorate and took close to an hour festooning them with multiple layers of frosting and sprinkles. The Parry staff seemed to agree that the older children enjoyed the activity even more than the little ones! My Fir Grove Garden Club spent several hours baking to provide these budding artists their cookie palettes. Cookies that survive the decorating session are often given as gifts from the children to their family.

Thank you everyone so much for making this possible for the Parry children- it is much anticipated by children and staff. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support.