Eames at Work

  Ziba Design Building

Our own internationally known Ziba design's exciting new workspace was open briefly to the public for the Eames at Work tour, a fundraiser for Street of Eames. It was a rare occasion to experience the melding visions of a design company and Holst Architecture. The interiors polished cement floors and white surfaces were warmed by the use of reclaimed fir, complete with old nail holes. Individual work spaces are small- about five feet for the designers, but more importantly all the disciplines in the design process work together in large rooms, rather than separated by their categories. Other areas include an auditorium, and a private room for international clients to shower and relax before their flight back to Paris. Worth a drive by at 1044 NW 9th Avenue.

The aptly named bSIDE6 building at 524 E. Burnside allowed some fabulous views towards downtown, but gave some playful views from the protruding "city rooms" that extend over the public sidewalks below. The building is home to Works Partnership Architecture, it's designer, and has both retail and office space and is perfectly positioned for after work drinks at Jupiter Lounge and RonToms.

View from a "city room" in bSIDE6


View from bSIDE6 towards downtown PDX.