Easy Being Green: The Leap Frog House


This special home is on the cutting edge of green features in Portland, and that's saying a lot. The Leap Frog House is practically "off the grid", that is to say it supplies a large part of it's electricity, water, and heat through photovoltaic solar panels and rain catchment and filtration systems. Energy generated to heat the house, stays in the house due to a very tight exterior (envelope). Healthful air is ensured with a ventilation system. Every attention has been given to healthful living, even down to the induction range. Not only does the range top heat foods faster and more efficiently, because there is no gas involved, there are no unhealthy gas fumes. Same with the paint, and all the other materials selected for their low VOC's (volatile organic compounds which release toxic gases over time). Countertops, cabinetry, flooring, stains and other finishes are as local and sustainable as possible. Attention was given to light coming in each room from at least two sides and ceilings are high giving a feeling of more light and space . Showers were constructed to hold in heat and encourage bathers to turn off water in between sudsing and rinsing. An unfinished area of the home offers a space that one could rent, if desired, or expand the house further. Here is a home that you can bask in the glory of being green, with most of the work already having been done for you. Close to Lewis and Clark, Tryon Creek Park and a pretty darn fast commute to downtown. The price is more approachable than last years first list price of $849,000, and has been featured in the Oregonian, Portland Architecture, Portland Spaces, and many other venues. The home is currently listed at $689,000 and I'd love to show it to you.