Emily Jane Part 2

  Emily Jane's Re-Design of Cultured Pearls


Stage two in my jewelry transformation in which I have raided the dusty recesses of my jewelry box and brought two necklaces to Emily Jane to have her way with. I have pretty much convinced myself that despite the cost of choosing two of these designs, that my Realtor skills will improve and therefore others besides myself will benefit. I am also shopping locally, re-using, and supporting the economy.

Now that I'm there, the six lovingly drawn sketches of possible designs to be have arrived, and I would welcome your choice of what your favorite is among these. A little imaginary shopping trip. Look at the designs, choose your favorite, and be automatically entered to win a $50 gift certificate for your own piece at the famous Emily Jane studio on NE Broadway at 15th Avenue. Simply reply to this blog post, leaving your comment and indicate your choice by the design number. View the sketches.