Fireside Chat

You know those gorgeous Portland spring days when you forgive every drop of rain you've ever experienced? Yesterday was one of those, and luckily I had a lunch date with two wonderful former clients at The Fireside on NW 23rd. It seems a far cry from the sad days when businesses here were closing left and right. Across the street is the mega popular Salt and Straw and the newest Bamboo Sushi and now the former Music Millenium (where I pored over many a CD back in the day) has risen from the ashes to return as The Fireside.

It did not disappoint. The decor is modern but very northwest at the same time. Sadly, I could not partake of the cocktails, which I understand are fabulous, during my lunch, but the food was well priced, and up to the standards that Portland restaurants must meet now- super fresh and top quality ingredients, well prepared. Both veggie and meat options are well represented. Next time, where's my cocktail?