John Helmer's: Haberdashers

john-helmer-signjeffs-fedora1canes-john-helmerjohn-helmers-ties If it were up to me, gloves would still be worn by women shopping downtown, and gentlemen would wear hats. Don't  men look more distinguished in a fedora, rather than a ball cap? So when my husband decided a summer straw hat as one of his birthday wishes, we headed into the shop on the corner of SW Broadway and Salmon. Bartholemew Cubbins would have been right at home here, as hundreds of hats were lined on shelves and tables for our perusal. Usually any store is my element, and though I was more than welcome here, it's definitely a manly place. A rainbow of ties, buckets of very personable canes, mens clothing and men shopping for that perfect hat. I've never seen men vie for a mirror before, so that was a treat in itself. 

A very dignified John Helmer "Jr" may wait on you, and completely brings to mind the British actor John Gielgud- such a gentleman, but a bit of a wink in his eye. The shop is rather like that, too. Very dignified, yet approachable.

And the birthday hat? He tried on many, and ended up choosing the first one he cast his eye on as we walked in the door. Just like shopping for a wedding dress- which of course, a haberdashers decidedly does not carry. Helmer's does carry a few carefully selected women's hats- quite suitable for that occasion.