John Yeon: Watzek House Tour

John Yeon is one of the most recognized architects in Portland, primarily known for creating the style known as Northwest Regional, and designing 14 homes in the Portland area. The most famous, the Watzek House, was so celebrated the plans were exhibited at Moma and is now on the National Historic Register. Yeon, who was not formally trained as an architect, designed this home at the age of 26.

The family name is sprinkled throughout Portland. Yeons father oversaw the Columbia River Highway and influenced John's interest in public projects, and Yeon Avenue bears his name . His mother, was Elizabeth Mock Yeon and a two of Johns well known speculative houses are in the Mocks Crest neighborhood in north Portland.

The Watzek house is currently featured as one of  "Portlands 10 Greatest Homes" in Portland Monthly magazine. A chance in a lifetime tour has come up on the weekend of April 30th. The premiere tour is being led by Yeon's longtime associate Richard Brown. Purchase tickets here.