Mother's Day Coupon

gorge-w-kids1 When my kids were little, my favorite mothers days usually involved a breakfast, somewhat made by the kids, and a day in the garden- undisturbed. Times have changed and now that they're older I concoct ways to spend time with them, this year trading in that valuable mothers day coupon for a hike in the gorge, with my most excellent husband indulging my plan as well.  We had actually wished to visit Triple Falls on the Oneonta Trail. I will only tell you that getting information on the web about a hike is not a good idea. Nevertheless, Ponytail Falls was really exciting, as you can enjoy a misty walk behind the falls courtesy of a cave scooped out in the rocks. We had our lunch with an amazing view of the Columbia, and enjoyed several types of flowers in bloom. And Portland being the small town that it is, we ran into several people we knew including B & W, making it even more of a special day. We have to get there more often. More Pictures.