Portland's Newest and Oldest Beginning Cyclist

Flying down hills with the pleasant sound of gears and spinning spokes and the wind rushing past was exhilarating- a few decades ago. Still, somehow the urge to relearn to ride a bike, and learn the first time to use those seemingly complicated gears, was so compelling that even the threat of road rash could not prevent me.

I'm discovering what the national media has been saying for years, Portland is a great cycling town. While I'm not sharing the main roads with all those distracted realtors driving around, just last weekend found me on the Springwater Corridor for 15 miles and the Banks-Vernonia state trail for 18 miles. Both are great paths for all levels of cyclists including children. The Springwater gives some beautiful views of the city by OMSI and takes you past the summer sounds of screams from the Oaks Park roller coaster into Gresham.

We got  on the Banks-Vernonia trail at the Manning trailhead and cycled through some lovely wheat fields before heading into the shade of the Stub Stewart State Park and it's towering conifers.

While it's babysteps for now, who knows? Cycle Oregon next year?