Portland's Party Central

Gazing down at you from the walls are the head of moose dear and bison. Underneath them lies anything you can possibly need for a party. From the mundane tables, cutlery and glassware for a conventional gathering, to pinatas, chocolate fountains, and hot dog rollers, Barbur Rentals has it all. Cotton candy anyone? How about a game of roulette or bingo? Or a tiki booth to serve tall umbrellaed drinks from? For a 50's themed party a few years ago I rented a huge see through plastic shell to serve iced shrimp cocktail.

But wait there's more. Wander outside and you can rent anything from a boat to a tractor. Sure you can get a shovel- or twenty. Next to the shovels are small plastic barrels for the lemonade at your next company picnic. Easily entertained, I always enjoy coming here and imagining my next party. Now, how can I work a moose head into my next party theme?