Portland's Professional Kitchen

As someone seriously interested in food, I'm bit sheepish that I haven't been to Rose's Equipment and Supply before. A family owned business, the folks here just couldn't have been nicer to us- even when we checked out with our teeny purchases that were dwarfed by some of the immense items for sale here for professional kitchens and restaurants.

From the very best spatulas and pancake turners, cookie sheets, thermometers and storage containers to huge mixers, meat slicers and panini machines, Rose's has everything you can possibly want for the kitchen. Super sturdy, and meant for heavy use, both prices and value were excellent. Many things such as the sturdy and affordable plates and cutlery are good match for the home kitchen. We were lusting quite a bit after a gorgeous deep fryer that puts anything you can get at most kitchen shops to shame. Imagine the amazing tempura, fritto misto, fried chicken or fish and chips we could make! At the moment though, we couldn't quite justify the expense- at that moment anyway.

SE 2nd & Clay, Open half days on Saturday