Portland's Z Haus Hits Dwell Magazine

Named the "Z-Haus" because of the six zig zagging rooms that are held together by half levels of stairs, this multi-level home is a great example of thoughtful, green infill building in Portland. Featured in this month's Dwell magazine, the uber modern home has already had it's fair share of recognition, being one of the few chosen each year on the popular Street of Eames tour. There were five of us in my car for the tour this past spring, and the Z Haus was at the top of the list of everyone's favorite.

Not just one home, but two homes attached at 2,816 square feet each, they somehow manage a certain homey quality that many contemporaries do not possess. Both homes had a pleasant deck or outdoor space that opened off of the kitchen-great room giving an informality that my companions and I responded to.

The homes are individually owned, and on their own tax lots. One of the owners is the designer and architect, Ben Waechter of Atelier Waechter here in Portland. The homes have many energy saving features.

Portland makes national news again. Read the whole Dwell magazine article and find out what a TPO roof is. 37th and NE Mallory