Radon: Not Limited to Basements

Be prudent and consider have your home tested for radon. The EPA estimates lung cancer, as a result of exposure to radon, the cause of over 20,000 deaths a year. A naturally occurring gas, radon is pulled into the home when slight pressure differences between the home and soil allow it to be pulled inside in a vacuum-like effect.

This can occur whether your home is on slab, over a crawl space, or you have a basement.

Consider having your home tested for radon. My own home, in zip code 97225 is on the list for "moderate potential" for radon in the Portland area. Before purchasing the home we had it tested and lab results showed higher than recommended levels of radon in the daylight basement. Echotech performed a remediation service and I feel so much better about my family's everyday health. Testing is easy and relatively inexpensive.

If only they could remove "those last few pounds" as easily.  Enlarged map of affected zip codes.