Raleigh Park Garden Tour

picture-152 Yes, I belong to a garden club, and although my son teases me, asking me where my fancy hat and gloves are, my garden club allows me to meet my neighbors and have greater belonging to my community. Our upcoming garden tour on May 16th, featuring seven gardens from our Raleigh Park-West Slope neighborhood includes a tour of Barbara Blossom Ashmun's garden. Barbara is a locally celebrated gardener, and writer. A variety of gardens have been chosen, a master gardeners booth and volunteers will be on hand, including our very own garden member, Vern Nelson who writes as "The Hungry Gardener" for NWHG at the Oregonian.  Tickets are a mere $15, bought in advance, and sure to provide a lovely day of beauteous entertainment. Call me at 503-860-6397 and I'll be happy to get some tickets to you. Proceeds benefit Raleigh Park Elementary and the West Slope Community Garden- not for fancy hats and gloves.