Red Bus Tour

A few weeks ago my friend Kathleen called from her home in NE Portland and asked me if I was on the double decker red bus touring in her neighborhood with the big Windermere banner.

This bus gets notice, which is why I felt a bit of a spectacle in it on our Tuesday brokers open tour. For those of you that don't Live Drink and Eat real estate, Tuesday is the day every week that brokers showcase their new listings and hope to generate interest- and a subsequent sale through exposing them to as many brokers as possible, within a few hours.

I got over my misgivings as it was a lot of fun to tour with colleagues and support our new Windermere listings. There were also mimosas available.

Though only in use a few months, the red bus tour has definitely been the source of several sales- we take about 30 realtors through our listings at a time. The next tour will be in SE Portland next week.