Robert Rummer at Rejuvenation

rummer-home Robert Rummer built hundreds of his "Rummer" homes through the 1960's and into the 70's in the Portland area.  Known for their pitched and flat roofs, atriums and huge swaths of glazing that blurred the line between indoors and out, they were the height of modernism in their time, and the very same features speak of modernism today.  Though there is an ongoing controversy about whether, or how heavily he borrowed from the Eichler homes of California, maybe that's between Mr. Eichler and Mr. Rummer. After all, the Rummer is what we have here, and they are very much appreciated by those who appreciate their unique quality.

Mr. Rummer is being interviewed by Becca Cavell, principal at THA Architecture at Rejuvenation, Wednesday, November 4th at 6:00. I ran into Becca at last nights Eames at Work tour, and it was her understanding that they may have sold out. If you're interested try: