Sold in One Day

Yes, the market is tough, no one will tell you otherwise. This is a story of and exceptional home that sold in a day- it does still happen. Working in a great partnership with my client, we took a few weeks to ready the home. That's the queen's "we" of course. I did bring in quite a few of my own staging materials, linens, towels, bath and kitchen bits and pieces and spent an afternoon fussing over those. The seller did the work-  I was the director in this movie- and though she called me "bossy", she always did it in an affectionate way, trusting that I had the vision and experience to guide what was needed to be done.

With some of my longtime vendors, we removed some wallpaper and painted. We had a pre-inspection to see if there were any large issues that may cause any problems and had a sewer scope to ensure we would not be negotiating on that matter with potential buyers. The tidy house was made even tidier, and many boxes were packed away. I spent hours taking photographs, ensuring we had the best possible images of the home.

I wanted to show off the great mid century architecture- a gorgeous cedar vaulted ceiling, beams that crossed from the interior through large windows and continuing outside. A beautiful under lit floating cabinet in the living room. Period intact bathrooms and lighting fixtures. It's modest exterior completely belied the grand feeling inside. But that's a good mid century ranch for you- not a show off McMansion type.

An outreach on brokers open day drew at least thirty people through, including some clients with their realtors, three of which that were ready to write and offer, and one that did. The seller was pleased. See more photographs.