Souvenir: Who Care's What's Inside?

souvenir My husband went on a work related "field trip" to Seattle last week and left me to figure out how the sound system works on our home theatre system. You'd think I would know after living here for four years, but that's not the story. While in Seattle, J bought an anniversary gift for me from a small shop suitably called Souvenir on Ballard Street. The gift was wrapped in packaging several feet high and appeared to be encased in glass. It was so beautiful, I couldn't open it while in my bathrobe, and feeling like I had to dress up to open it, I waited until the evening. I've never done that in my life. And seriously, I really didn't care what was in it, it was a miracle just to look at it. Please go to Curtis Steiner's website, the owner of this remarkable shop. A true artist, he exhibits at the Seattle Art Museum, and a video of the installation called "Blocks" can be viewed from the website- an extraordinary kaleidescope of designs that can be made from 1000 identically patterned blocks, as well as a fascinating YouTube interview with the artist.

Now that I know how to work the sound system, I think these trips are a good idea. Don't you?