Three Things I Brought Back From Austin

salt-lick-bbq We asked for the family style barbeque, which was a mix of the brisket, sausage and ribs, smoked over a mesquite fire that sits right by the front door, and two minutes later, it was in front of us. Served on cafeteria "no touching" style plates, the manly portions of meat arrived with a couple of cold side "salads" and a big ol' hunk of white bread with margarine. The Salt Lick is BYOB in a small dry county outside of town so we came prepared with a couple of Lone Stars to wash down the super rich smokey goodness. I'm craving it right now.

While visiting my sister, (who's step-daughters are named Ruby and Texy, how Texas is that?) I admired the graphics and color of her coffee cans, and thought they would look nice on display. Who knew it would be featured on the front page of the NY Times Style section? While maybe not from Texas, I did buy the Bustelo there, and they do look right pretty in the kitchen.


 Our very first night in town, we were in the thick of it at the Continental Club. A great mix of graying two-steppers and side burned, high haired rockabilly youth kicking up their heels. Ever since Urban Cowboy, I always wondered if places like this really do exist. In this "Live Music Capitol of the World," the minute we got into our rental car, per sister Julie's strong suggestion, we dialed in to one of the best radio stations, ever, KGSR. We've been streaming it live, here in Portland, ever since.