Vinyl Love


I still have my original Peter Frampton Comes Alive album- so does my husband. We also share the same memories of staring at the Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy album cover for the entirety of it's play. How quaint in this multi tasking world to remember there was a time when one would actually just listen to an album while trying to absorb some inscrutable message or contemplate a singers hair part. So it was a perfect project for J and I to take a few hours to pull together some great album covers from our collection. Our mission was to choose from our hundreds of albums, those that had interesting graphics and colors that would work together as a whole- a kind of art installation. We had purchased the album frames some time ago, and the Labor Day weekend seemed perfect for a house project that did not involve anything unpleasant. 

Perhaps we'll choose a different theme next time, we have everything from late classics to early punk. Our end project has bright squares of color, contrasting with black and white images that form a 70" by 40" block. We love it!