Weekly "Ninja" Meeting

We are "ninjas". As I mentioned in my bio, a small group of colleagues and I meet every Wednesday morning at my office, sharing our wisdom and experience. Why "ninjas?" The name is silly, even if our business is not. It's modeled after a real estate company in Ft. Collins, Colorado, which I visited several years ago. Rather than compete within their office, they share knowledge, as mastery of the profession is one of their main goals. Mastery makes, to the outside eye, a transaction look easy. Effortless, like a ninja.

Whether the name make sense or not, the time I spend is invaluable. One of the topics we covered today was how important it is to include even obvious appliances, and fixtures into the purchase contract. While fixtures are supposed to be part of the sale, what constitutes a fixture? A chandelier? Yes, but what if it's not hard wired, and hanging by a hook? Custom mirrors- are they attached or hung? What constitutes the "sound system" that is advertised in the listing- the wiring in the walls, or the components as well? These issues may turn an otherwise cooperative relationship between the buyer and seller, into one of disappointment and contention.

Being pro-active when writing a purchase agreement is one way of making a transaction look easy.

A disclaimer- while I follow the ninja model, and that may bring higher expectations of me, do not expect any ninja wardrobe.