Winner of the Emily Jane Drawing

easy-bake-oven Just like the easy bake oven I longed for as a child, the anticipation of something can be almost as fun as the real thing. Actually, sometimes better. When I finally actually used an Easy Bake Oven- the one I had bought my daughter (wink, wink)- the gooey super sweet products were pretty half baked, and nothing close  to the promised delicacies shown on the commercials. But then, what can you expect from a cake that's been baked with an extremely hot light bulb? It's been a good lesson for me and the value of dreams.

For those of you who shared in the anticipation with me, thanks so much for all your fun and thoughtful comments. The winner of the drawing for the $50 gift certificate goes to a certain someone with the intials W.C. Congratulations, and enjoy your trip to Emily Jane!

I look forward to posting my final decision on my jewelry selection. I'm so glad I never got that Easy Bake when I was little, but I'm looking forward to fulfilling my grown up dreams.