World Class Coffee

barista-signagebarista-coffee-cup Yes, we're well known for having a "coffee shop on every corner" here in Portland, but when was the last time you had your coffee in a proper porcelain cup, and you actually sat down to enjoy it? Here is the occasion. Barista, on NW 13th and Hoyt, is more than suited. It took several minutes to be served our cappucinos, but it was well worth the wait. Not only did I get to sit next to really beautiful, hip, young people, the coffee was about the best I've ever had. Certainly in Portland. Made from Intelligentsia beans out of Chicago, the hot liquid had body much like a fine wine. It was so smooth that I, a coffee with sugar lover, did not want to, nor need to- mar the taste.

Let my friend, Bruce, fill you in with some more details.