Your Guides to Green


Many of us have good intentions when it comes to doing our part in keeping ourselves and our planet healthy- we recycle, buy local, and eat more seasonally. Our habits have changed for the good over the years. But don't you just find the amount of information out there on how to green up boggling sometimes? And how do you actually implement those changes in your own home? Well, fear not- help, or guidance that is- is available to you. 

I met with Lisa Ard and Laura Baldshun recently to discuss their business, Eco-Guides, which they've owned  for over a year now. Their program is simple- they make three house calls, and during each house call address a different area of green concern: waste reduction, energy efficiency and home health/toxin reduction. As a bonus, many of their suggestions can save homeowners a substantial amount of money. They are warm, and knowlegeable and bring that Portland ability  of balancing concern for the environment with the understanding that their clients all come from different levels of green-ness. During and after their guide sessions, you can refer to their eco-guidebook, full of local resources and their recommendations- finally all that information in one place where you can find it when you need it.