Better Than Dwell: Rediscovering Van Evera Bailey

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.45.32 PMPortland born Van Evera Bailey is lesser know than contemporaries, Belluschi, Yeon and Zaik, but made significant contributions to the style of Northwest Regional Modern architecture. His career began in the late 1920's and spanned another 40 years including numerous commissions in Palm Springs and Pasadena.  Shown here is his David Eyre house featured in Better Homes in 1954. Using our primary local material of wood rather than copy the brick or stucco styles of other regions, he created stunning rooflines taking into consideration our famous rain, adapted buildings with extensive stilt-work to extend buildings over our hillsides, and created closely seamed window glazing to bring in our amazing outdoor views inside.

For the first time ever, Restore Oregon has arranged a self guided tour of his homes on May 9th, with a complementary program/lecture the evening before featuring an expert panel.  I'm a proud sponsor of their mid-century tour this year and a wholehearted supporter of Restore Oregon's effort to preserve our architectural heritage.  Restore Oregon MCM Tour.