What's Hot in Portland's Live Kitchens

basco kitchen Have you ever stood in someone's kitchen with their hood fan turned on and suddenly had to yell over the noise? Or perhaps yourself had a fan, intrusive as a jetliner, that you would rather put up with the smoke than turn it on? Avoid similar costly mistakes by visiting a "live" kitchen such as Basco or Eastbank Contractor Appliances.

There you can actually hear the fan when it's on, you can test the simmer setting on the gas range and see how amazingly fast an induction stovetop boils water.

Plus, you can see and hear about the newest in appliances. Sub Zeros are making a comeback from their heyday, offering an array of finishes to blend into your kitchen.  The opposite is also available with retro style refrigerators in a crayon-like array of colors. Warming drawers are all the rage to protect your food from the shock of hitting a cold plate, internet connectivity is becoming more common and one of the biggest trends? Steam ovens. Michael Ringo, has been at Basco in the Pearl for many years recounted how his rep for the steam oven brought in a chicken, first steaming it to keep it moist and then switching to regular heat to brown the bird. Customers are coming in requesting it for healthful preparation of vegetables and reconstituting dry bread.

There are multiple kitchens set up throughout the stores, making such a visit a must whether choosing a single appliance or re-doing ones kitchen. For anyone that's a cook, it's kitchen Nirvana.