Brentwood Before & After

Kitchen, after.

Truly, no two real estate transactions are alike whether buying or selling. Not one. So I approach my buying and selling clients with all the experience I have gathered, skills polished up for service, and a great deal of flexibility depending on how things evolve. Any one that has had a baby knows the unpredictability of that situation. Same thing.

This home had out of state sellers, a wonderful family whose profession required them to transfer across the country, and when the transfer didn't bring them back- well, a sale was necesarry. When they moved, the market was hot. Before they left, strangers approached them at the curb, offering to buy. With just a bit of polishing, they were very hopeful their home would sell easily.

But it is a different market today. It was evident very soon that we needed to adjust to it and the sellers decided to do what needed to be done to attract a buyer in this highly competitive market with fewer buyers in a tough price range. But living across the country, how was that to happen? And of course, there was a limited budget.

Luckily, I have been entrusted with quite a few of these projects over the years. Within a week I assembled the team to remove wallpaper, carpet and old lighting. Multiple bids were furnished. Floors were refinished, cabinetry was removed and painted. Lighting was updated and added. Dated tile was replaced with granite tile. Gallons of paint, and elbow grease was applied. For three weeks the driveway and streets around the home were coming and going with workers. The neighbors were pretty curious.

The house was re-listing and sold within two weeks, interestingly to some purchasers that I had showed it to previously. It was very rewarding for me to have a vision of what could be done and execute that successfully. My husband has suggested I go into design. But I already am. See more pictures of the home before and after.