Parry Center Cookie Party

One of the children's creations. Thirty five children enjoyed decorating cookies last month at the residential care facility known as the Parry Center. For the third year I hosted the party with the help of my two gorgeous daughters and our good friend Marianne. The kids ranged in ages between six and sixteen but there was no difference in the enthusiasm they showed in using pounds of sprinkles and icing on their creations.

For over ten years I hosted a cookie party in my home for friends and their children, where I would bake several hundred cookies, make decorative icing and put multi-colored sprinkles on the table for a decorating free for all. Towards the end of that period I started thinking about sharing the tradition with children that didn't have the same opportunities as my own children. A co-worker put me in touch with the Parry Center, a wonderful facility where children could receive counseling, getting care for their mental, behavioral or abuse issues- a place of healing.

The tradition has grown with my Fir Grove Garden Club members generously helping me bake all the cookies for the event in one marathon evening. They truly seemed to enjoy the baking as much as the kids did the decorating.

When I learned that many of the children arrive at the Center with just the clothes on their backs, I began collecting pajamas so that everyone would get their own pair. This year, the goal was exceeded and 60 pairs of pajamas were donated from my office, neighbors, friends, family and clients.

When I was taking pictures at our party, the kids insisted I take a picture of every single one of their cookies. No pictures of the kids are included for privacy reasons, but here are some of their cookie creations.