Seattle Getaway

Dahlia Lounge: Great Cocktail Visit Without lessening my love for Portland at all, can I just say how much I love visiting Seattle? In just a few hours one can get away to a completely different town with many more dangerously delicious restaurants to try and re-visit.  This makes our third stay at the modern boutique Hotel Andra, and the rates are great now, especially if you can get an additional discount. The Seattle Art Musuem (SAM) almost always has some great exhibits, and luckily this trip there were three- Michelangelo's sketches for the Sistene Chapel, an Imogen Cunningham photography exhibit, and a really charming show of Alexander Calder that displayed several of his larger mobils as well as a film of his "Circus" .

SAM Lobby

There was accidental shopping at a consignment shop that sold Chanel next to Bannanna Republic pieces. We dined well at a few old favorites, Le Pichet an intimate bistro, and Cafe Campagne (best Croque Monsieur stateside). Restaurant Zoe had some lovely dishes for dinner, but our best new find was at Spring Hill for brunch- featuring a homemade corned beef hash with poached eggs. Located in West Seattle, the short drive from the city offered some great industrial views of the city.

In an unexpected turn, the (much younger) server at Le Pichet directed us to a bar called Bathhouse Gin after our meal. It felt a bit dodgy, in a dark alleyway and signed only with a plaque beside the door- but in the mood for adventure-and another drink, we managed to find what did seem to approximate a speakeasy during prohibition- but with better alcohol.


We finished up at Chartruese Modern, our favorite modern furnishing store- you'd be surprised what we can fit in the back of Jeff's Audi, although we didn't press it this trip. They have new and vintage pieces mixed together, as well as some fun Marimekko fabric pre-stretched and framed.

With the second coffee of the day in hand, we headed back to dear Portland, feeling not the least bit remorseful for having cheated on her. It was only for a weekend. More food and city shots.