Hoyt Arboretum

magnolia-center Our dog starts whining as we turn our car towards Hoyt Arboretum in anticipation of a great walk. This time of year, I hope to see the magnolias in bloom on the aptly named Magnolia trail, and we were not disappointed by the thousands of blooms and another chance to choose our favorites. There are 21 trails covering 12 miles in this beautiful 187 acre planned park that was influenced by  the landscape architect of Central Park, Frederick Law Olmstead. Visionary Portland citizens acquired the land for the public after a devastating fire in 1889 that wiped out most of the vegetation in the west hills. Alternating meadows and groves of trees are organized into plant families- so one can choose to walk among oaks or redwoods, with occasional peeks of the city and the Japanese Garden. A great opportunity to bring a camera and a dog. More pictures.