Vynil Goes Live

vynil-closeup Like many homeowners, we have more projects planned than completed, so it was great fun to finally install our Vynil that we had ordered from France a year ago. Vynil is the brainchild of designers Stéphane Aurriubergé and Christine Montard who opened up a "publishing house" called Domestic. Designers from the world over create the stick on graphics, a wallpaper alternative. While most wallpaper does not excite me, I found it hard to choose between the dozens of designs available at Domestic. The Vynil package does offer a picture, and rather like the serving suggestion found on a cereal box, one can mix and match between the designs and allow your inner artist free reign. Although pretty expensive for "stickers," they are cheaper than buying a piece of art to decorate with, and will make shaving a lot more fun. Before and after pics.