Portland Pop Up:Boke Bowl

portland restaurants Everyone has heard of, and many of us have our favorite food carts. But have you enjoyed the latest "pop up" restaurant in Portland, Boke Bowl?

Not owning your own restaurant doesn't proclude you from popping into an existing one, substituting your menu and serving your fare. After making reservations on their website, I had lunch recently at Decarli's in Beaverton for Boke Bowls 7th pop up experience.

In our house, we occasionally "doctor" ramen with assorted veggies, poached eggs or other leftovers for an ad hoc meal. Boke Bowl completely takes off on this experience with home made ramen noodles and your choice of broth and add-ons, such as pork belly, fried chicken, or fried oysters. I tried the miso broth that came with little islands of mushrooms, kale, and fresh water chestnuts as well as tender olive oil poached shrimp. The oysters were wonderful, just fried with a light batter and served with a tangy remoulade.

On top of taking over the restaurant, they brought in their own DJ spinning during our meal. I wouldn't mind at all a takeover of my place.  In the meantime, make a reservation for lunch here. For a more in depth Boke Bowl experience, visit my friend Kathleen's blog.