Rummer Tour: Oak Hills

Rummer Mid Century If you've ever been curious about what these homes are or if you have flirted with the idea of owning one, now is your chance to visit eight Rummer homes in one day. The Historic Preservation League of Oregon is hosting this tour in Oak Hills where Robert Rummer himself will be on hand during a presentation to answer questions.

"Rummers" are known for their vaulted ceilings, and inner atriums that some owners leave open to the elements or enclose into the house. They are built on slab and tend to be on a smaller scale with a high use of glazing to let in light and give the feeling of living outdoors. There has always been a lot of speculation on how much borrowing Rummer did from the nearly identical Eichlers of California- but perhaps that just adds to their intrigue in Oregon.

The tour is May 21st. Buy tickets here.