Sriracha: Ready for Your Tattoo?

We- like so many, love the ubiquitous perfect hot sauce known as Sriracha, or "Rooster Sauce". My kids and I were curious how fast we would go through a whopping jar of it, purchased at the amazing Uwajimaya in Beaverton, so I "sharpied" a date on the sauce which we just finished almost exactly a year later.All the while the same little dribble of Heinz ketchup sat shoved up in some corner of the refrigerator collecting that icky water on the top. This article from the NYTimess came to mind, which was published awhile ago, but was so good I'm happy to have any excuse to share it, a mixture of sauce trivia with a great American success story.  This stuff is so popular it has more than one Facebook page. High end chefs use it. Appleby's serves it. One person even mailed the Bay Area company a photo of the rooster tattooed on his leg. He was from Portland. I wouldn't go quite that far, but do think it has great flavor with a very respectable amount of heat that will doctor up the dullest bowl of emergency dinner ramen that I buy about once a year.  The NYTimes article.