Tilde in Sellwood

Wandering though Tilde in Sellwood, I just marveled at all the clever things I had never seen anywhere else. The editing is top notch. From jewelry to handbags vases, cards and ceramic decorative objects there has got to be a gift here for just about anyone that has any taste at all, but especially if they tend towards mid-century or scaled down. The price range is wide as well. I knew my husband J, would be pretty darn excited (that's how strong his language gets) about these Pantone cups- it was like shopping for my favorite crayon colors.

Even better, the store is located next to a great bank of food carts so you can feel absolutely absolved from your little spluge when you can buy lunch for two so inexpensively. Bruce Lee's food cart suffers a bit signage wise, but the owner has an amazing full size gas range inside and whips up a mean red curry stir fry as good as any I've had in town at a sit-down restaurant.

I must say, I do not some of the antique stores of the past making way for an updated neighborhood feel.