The Changing Landscape of Portland’s Hottest Neighborhoods

Oregon City Barbers The Portland Business Journal recently named the hottest neighborhoods in the Portland metropolitan area based on recent numbers of home sales. You may be thinking that the top contenders include Hawthorne-Division or The Pearl District, but did Oregon City or Foster/Powell come to mind?  They are in the top three.

It’s been fascinating to watch the areas surrounding our city develop and become more desirable as rising prices and other factors push buyers out of the close-in neighborhoods.  And businesses are taking note as well, moving into up and coming areas and creating thriving pockets of shopping and dining. Note the transformation of North Williams and the Lloyd Center in the last few years.

Who would have foreseen that a cutting edge video production company like Funnelbox would share a location on historic Main Street in Oregon City with the state’s oldest running barbershop? (pictured here) To see the list of the top 25 neighborhoods, visit:

Portland Business Journals/Portland's Hottest Neighborhoods