Virtual Staging in Raleigh Park

I recently listed a home that sits on a perfect lot, in a sought after neighborhood, that has great street appeal and wonderful features. What's the catch? Rarely without exception, every home on the market has one or two features that need special handling and marketing to find the right buyer.

This home has a completely intact mid century kitchen. It has only had two owners in its 60 years, and both of them kept the kitchen as it was and in mint condition. I imagine the new owners may want to update it, but how to show it can be done without a complete and costly remodeling?

I decided to try virtual staging. I imagined the new homeowners as mid century enthusiasts, but perhaps more on the Dwell, spartan side of mid century. Conferencing by phone, I asked the staging company to add Nelson lamps to the kitchen, update the vintage upholstery in the kitchen booth, and replace the vintage fridge and range with stainless appliances. I asked them to continue the look into the living room (which is currently staged with the seller's asian style furniture) to bring the two rooms in harmony.

Virtually staged rooms need to be empty, so my seller and I (with the help of our husbands/partners) decided to pull out the furniture out so I could take new photographs and then moved the furniture back in its place.

While virtual staging is in its infancy, I see great future here in showing future buyers another way to view a home past what they see in front of their eyes.

I'd love to know what you think. See more of this home.