Wallpaper Makes a Comeback

Anyone who has ever taken off a room of wallpaper has probably let fly a few choice words and wondered why anyone in their right mind would ever put it up in the first place. Of course this musing is autobiographical. So WHY would I ever consider doing such a thing again?

Wallpaper has changed. It's not just some monotonous pattern. It's not meant to evoke some country cabin. It doesn't have to have a border of flowers running along the top.

The gateway drug for this were the Vynil decals I've used in a bathroom to add a big dose of whimsy. Now I'm considering a just roll or less of wallpaper for a small accent wall in my living room and I'm looking at a geometric or mid century pattern that will be the perfect backdrop for our Eames lounge chair.

It looks like the pain of taking off wallpaper is kind of like that of childbirth,  fading with time.

This wallpaper website rocks-  you can search for wallpaper either by color, style, motiff or era. And for further exploration an interesting NY Times article, extolling the virtues of super cool "wallcoverings".